Daily Bo

Interview with Andy Pressman

A few notes

  • very interesting character
  • keeps sidetracking but somehow back on track after a long detour
  • keeps scratching his own word right before hitting the (assumingly) golden part.
  • thinking while he’s talking and not afraid to explicitly showing such process by..
  • talks pretty fast and murmurs a bit(ouch.. a little concerned if I can transcribe everything)
  • bright comments once in a while
  • talkative, for sure
  • funny, easygoing, so to speak
  • punctual..?(he logged in to Skype 7:15 sharp!)
  • has intense, expressive, especially his face gets fierce that I can see he’s concentrating
  • has a cat (that constantly wanting to draw his/her master’s attention, or that of mine???)

What struck me is that he’s extremely lucky to have a partnership with a publisher like Verso whose

political view in-line with him and willing to take more risks(within the )than any other publications.

He holds a pretty  pessimistic attitude towards the publishing industry in general as everyone else, but somehow I got even more curious what the future of Verso would be like. He mentions one or two things about their idea about the presence of books.(he always used ‘we’ instead of saying ‘they’)

To a certain degree, he was very dismissive of book cover designs in the States in general-doesn’t seem to care much about what’s happening outside his scope of works- not necessarily in a bad way.




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